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Organic Synthesis
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  1. Enabling common users to find knowledge of related diseases;
  2. Revealing the relationship between TCM and Western medicine of one disease;
  3. Finding the formula for certain disease;
  4. Finding possible diseases through patients’ symptoms and physical signs;
  5. Finding related formulae and treatment through patients’ symptoms and physical signs;
  6. Finding formulae of certain effectiveness;
  7. Finding formulae containing designed TCM species;
  8. Finding effectiveness and usage of certain formula;
  9. Understanding the relationship among symptoms through the extension functions of formulae for corresponding diseases;
  10. Finding species and amounts of compounds contained in certain formula;
  11. Finding effective TCM species for certain disease;
  12. Finding TCM species with certain pharmacological action;
  13. Finding TCM species with certain effectiveness; finding the relationship between the effectiveness of TCM species and the treated disease;
  14. Finding how many diseases can certain TCM species plays a role in;
  15. Finding how many TCM species can contain certain TCM component to explore a new way for material of TCM active components;
  16. Finding chemical compounds in certain TCM species;
  17. Finding the general characters and biological activities of TCM chemical compounds;
  18. Finding the chemical structures and their three-dimensional structures of TCM chemical compounds.
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